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A collection of twitter-short poems, taglines, and literary shoutouts.


This is a poem I wrote for my Mom on Mother’s Day…


  • During those nine months in total darkness,

    Your voice told me it was okay.

    That even if I couldn’t see you, you were with me.

  • And when it was time to see the light, we parted,

    but the tie that binds us remained long after the cord was cut.

    Nothing, not even distance, can separate us.

  • For in my world,

    before there was even music –

    there was YOUR VOICE.

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    A poem I wrote about one-night stand…

    Feb. 15, 2008 (Fri)

    Early morning

    The morning after
    A one night stand
    How does one feel?
    This is the real deal

    Random scenes
    In playback mode
    A lure to remember
    Last night’s philander

    Guilty as hell
    Bent on anger
    A life wasted
    A heart cheated

    Mirror, mirror
    Look me in the eye
    Am I the fairest still?
    Sure you can see, but can you feel?

    Put guilt back to sleep
    That was one night only
    That was one night only

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    Suicide Note

    Outpouring of emotions too deep for sorrow,
    Bearing of souls too abysmal for salvation, and
    Parting of words too profound for goodbye.

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    Bar, Interrupted

    The sleepless nights,
    the send-off,
    the blood bath,
    the homecoming,
    the endless waiting,
    and the end that must justify the means.

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    Odd how loud music and high emotions blend perfectly together.
    On their own, they are volatile and boisterious
    but together, they meld to each other like silver and alloy.
    Since there are no spaces between notes, there’s no gap for thinking.
    You can just forget about everything.
    You focus on the music and let all those other thoughts just slip away.
    There’s a quick escape from all the lumpy issues – from all of the day’s reality.
    You head-bang with the heavy drum beat and scream out the angry lyrics.
    Let the music take you and drive everything else away.
    That’s release without responsibility –
    a radical way to destress,
    declutter thoughts,
    and depart from reality, at full volume!

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