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I am Violeta

I am Violeta.
A lawyer. A mother. A writer. A wife. An entrepreneur. A civil rights advocate.
I’ve been juggling several hats for 37 years now
but still showing no signs of taking a bow any time soon.

For those just starting their act, a word of advice.
Good work ethics, strong educational foundation, and luck will only take you so far.
To earn a standing-ovation, you have to have the chutzpah
to take on anything and to weather everything that is thrown your way.
If for now, things seem to be perfect,
everything is working as planned,
no ugly bumps on the road, no clouds in your horizon –
don’t you worry, it won’t last.
My own climb to the top can be summed up in two words: FUCKED UP.

Life has screwed me real hard in every position conceivable,
in sunny beaches and in dark alleys,
always, always by surprise.
Though life wasn’t pleasant each time,
Each morning after, I was a changed woman.

While life was busy screwing someone else,
I aimed all my time and energy on paving the way for change,
on effecting the change, or being the change.
Nights became days, and days became nights.
All that hard work helped me became more equipped for life’s next assault.
I packed on a little weight, a little accomplishment in society’s cosmopolitan eye.
Next visit, alas, life still got his way.
I still got laid alright,
but I sure did put up a hell of a fight.

I lost again.
But losing is not such a bad thing, when you know you lost it to life.
You too will lose something somewhere,
It could be a loved one due to bad habits,
A big opportunity due to worst timing,
or your memories due to old age. (all of which also apply to erection!)
But never ever lose the lesson and your ability to dream.
And when you dream, do it right – dream big!

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