This is not a porn blog!

Purple Panty is an advocacy to uplift the law profession while honoring the woman in every panty-clad lawyer in town.

6 responses to “CAVEAT:

  1. Cx

    Great Blog Karen, haven’t read everything yet pero lams na ha title pala ayush na.

    @Melmoore. been to hell looking for you waray ka ha facebook waray gihap ha friendster anhi ka manla ngayan matatadan. email mo ako tol.

  2. mindbringer

    Ok, I will try to keep that in mind. Good blog though.

  3. melmoore.balmes

    yeah, adi lng gihapon ko ha cebu. bugoy lang gihapon. kaw, ada ka manila yana? sana ok lng kamo tanan dida. okies? 🙂

  4. melmoore.balmes

    its been a long time, eh, oneesan? i’m glad you’re doing great. at least i’ve got a competent lawyer to call to when i’m in a pinch! hope to see y’all someday.

  5. melmoore.balmes

    not a porn blog! how very, very disappointing… 🙂

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